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Request to Change Membership Status

You may request to cancel your membership or put your membership in Inactive status by completing the applicable form below:



Members with an Inactive registration may not conduct business or act as a member under their original CAIN professional member titles (or any variation thereof) nor are they permitted to use CAIN invoices or act as a professional member of CAIN.

These members are required to:

  • Membership Inactive status dues must remain in good standing.
  • Meet continuing education requirements
  • Complete Annual Renewal Application
  • Meet mandatory notifications requirements when applicable
  • By opting for INACTIVE status, your liability insurance will remain active and potential claims will be considered retroactively from the date of purchase.
  • Your member since date will remain “as is” which will keep you qualified for client reimbursements on or before the date of INACTIVE status, and you will remain qualified for wellness wallets 2 year minimum requirement to be added for this service.

A membership can be made inactive by:

  • A member may choose to make their status inactive if they are not conducting business in the short term, but are planning on re-activating their licence at a later date. To do so, members should submit the application below to change their status to INACTIVE
  • Your current membership will remain active until your nearest renewal date.  The INACTIVE STATUS fee of $10.00 / month will begin upon the due date of your membership renewal.
  • You may fully cancel your membership any time by completing the Cancellation form below.  This will stop all future payments.  No refunds are available once a payment has been taken.  There are no exceptions. 



If you have an inactive status, and wish to return to Active status, the following steps apply. Inactive members must make a written request to CAIN at to change their status to Active and provide documentation demonstrating that they have:

  • Valid Errors and Omissions insurance
  • Completed their annual continuing education requirements
  • You will not be required to pay the reinstatement fee and may apply for active membership anytime by completing the renewal form and payment.

You may request to fully terminate your membership by clicking the button below.  By completing this form, your auto-renewal will automatically be stopped but your current membership will remain active until it officially expires on the nearest renewal date. Your liability insurance and any other benefits will remain active until your membership is complete. Note: If you do not cancel your membership by completing the form and you are on an auto-renewal agreement, CAIN will continue to attempt to make payment until such a time that the membership is cancelled.  No refunds are available once a payment has been taken – no exceptions.  Please ensure to officially cancel your membership to avoid any unwanted charges. 

What if I Wish to Reinstate My Membership at a Later Date?

Cancelled or Expired Registration

An individual whose registration status is cancelled or expired is not authorized to conduct their business using the CAIN trademarked titles and receipts (or any variation of), or act as an CAIN member. They no longer hold an active registration and cannot act as a CAIN-RHNP or CAIN-RHNC.

A registration may be cancelled in one of two ways:

  1. The member submits a fully completed Cancellation of Membership by completing the required cancellation form.
  2. The member does not complete their annual membership renewal and the membership lapses.  Note: If you have not officially cancelled your membership, the auto-renew will still be active and attempt to take payment.  If a payment is taken, no refunds are available – no exceptions.  Please ensure you cancel your membership as per your agreement to avoid unwanted charges. 

Reinstating a Cancelled or Expired Professional Member Status

Former members wishing to reinstate a cancelled or expired registration may renew their membership by completing the renewal application, with no additional fees, within the 60 day grace period. The membership will date back to when your annual renewal payment was due and renewal fees will continue to be due on that date each year.

Beyond sixty days and within two years of holding an CAIN professional member title, a former member may be exempt from re-taking qualifying exam if they meet the requirements of the Reinstatement Provision.

This provision exempts a former member from needing to retake the qualifying education however they are required to pay a reinstatement fee in addition to the annual membership fee.

If you previously held an active professional registration but are not eligible to reinstate your licence under the reinstatement provision, you will need to apply for membership through the First-time Member Applicant process and complete an exam provided by CAIN for re-entry. There is a fee for this exam in addition to the reinstatement & membership fees.

Reinstatement Requirements

Applicants who were registered within two years of the date the applicant ceased to be be an active member are not required to retake the qualifying exam if:

  • The current application receipt date does not exceed two years of the prior licence cancellation date; and
  • The applicant is currently applying for the same professional title they held previously.

Continuing Education Requirements

Applicants applying under the Reinstatement Provision must be able to attest (or provide proof upon request by staff) they have met the continuing education program requirements in the year their membership was cancelled.

How to Apply for a Reinstatement of Professional Titles

To apply for professional membership under the Reinstatement Provision, applicants must follow the standard new member application process, but will need to indicate on the form or online portal that they are applying under the Reinstatement Provision. Applying for membership under the Reinstatement Provision can be done via:

Step 1: Complete the online application process and follow the prompts for Apply for membership, indicating that you are applying under the Reinstatement Provision.

Step 2: Make Payment for Reinstatement Review

Step 3: Once the above steps have been completed, please send a written reinstatement request to We will review your file and determine next steps within 15 business days of the date all requirements are received in good order.

If you are required to complete a re-qualifying exam, you must wait until we have completed the review of the above material before you will be eligible to complete the exam.