Change Membership Status


Pause Membership

If you need to temporarily take a break from your full membership but want to remain a member with CAIN, you can opt to hold an inactive status for up to three years.  

The fee to hold an INACTIVE status is $10/month. During this time you will not have access to the full member area or be eligible for member benefits.  You can easily sign back up when you are ready as long as you have kept your CE requirements commitment for the time you held an ACTIVE status.

You will hold an INACTIVE status in the registry for non-practicing members.

Holding this status will waive any reinstatement fees, or qualifying exam to rejoin.  All you need to do is sign back up by completing the renewal application (within one year) or new member application (within 13 -24 months) 


Reinstate Membership

Whether you are a member who has temporarily set their membership to INACTIVE or you have fully terminated your membership and wish to renew, please complete the required steps to reinstate your membership:

1. Submit reinstatement fee (Terminated Members Only)

2. Complete Reinstatement Application

3. Upload CAIN Liability Waiver and Code of Conduct.

4. Submit Proof of Continuing Education for the year cancelled and subsequent years  (if applying 12+ months after cancellation). 


Cancel Membership

If you would like to cancel your membership, please select this option. By selecting this option, you are opting to stop your membership and autorenew payment once your paid year is complete. You may rejoin within 12 months by paying a $150 reactivation fee in addition to your membership fee and submitting your current year 20 CE requirements. 

To rejoin 1+ years after your membership was terminated you will also need to submit 20 CE credits for each year you have been in Terminated status. If you wish to rejoin 3+ years after your terminated status commenced, you will also be required to re-qualify by passing an exam for an additional fee.